#19. Leadership for the future

Listen to Pia Vingestråhle, Leadership specialist and consultant, who talks about Leadership for the future with Casimir Artmann.

With a lot of new technology and a lot of focus on tasks - on statistics, figures, goals and results - it’s important to be aware of how we can create a leadership that is effective, positive and sustainable.

hat will be most important in leadership for the future? Is there a way to make the employees do their very best at work? How do we get most out of the organization and the people and att the same time allow people to grow and to enjoy their work? 

You can follow them on twitter as @PiaVingestrahl and @Artmann

This episode was recorded in the park at Krapperup Castle, Höganäs, during July 2015.

1) www.leadershipforreal.com (english)
2) www.Vingestrahle.se (swedish)

Lotta Artmann - Camera
Sara Björck - Still photo

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