Mob programming explained

In this episode, Greger Wikstrand meets Woody Zuill, well known for #mobprogramming and #noestimates to discuss Mob Programming.

00:40 How can a whole team of about five people be programming together when there is only one person actually typing? And why isn't it exhausting to work together like that all day, every day.

04:00 How can mob programming possibly work? Perhaps that is the wrong question to ask, responds Woody. We started with this model because we liked working together. Only later did we realize that we were also more efficient.

09:00 What does a mob programming team look like? It is a mix of roles and competencies and it shifts during the day and the project dependent on needs.

13:00 What is the difference between mob programming and #pairprogramming? Can you get into "the zone" when working together as a team?

Woody Zuill likes to share his experiences with Mob Programming. You'll find his blog or connect directly on Twitter

Greger Wikstrand also has a blog at and can be found on Twitter


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This episode was recorded at Capgemini office in Helsingborg
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