The greater story

Tom Graves just published a video about the need to have a story for the design of an organisation.

Photo: Adobe stock

Photo: Adobe stock

I would like to apply his thinking to our film production, and to the greater extended, the whole film business.

The overall encompassing story with film is to entertain, educate and inform people. It’s a huge eco-system all over the world and each company have to find their niche and their story.

To simplify I would say that the film business have two main parts; Film production and Film publishing that live together in symbiosis. (Even if some film creators may disagree and see publishers as parasites.)

If we define film production from an idea, to a finalized film ready to be published, then film publishing is about taking this single copy of a film until many people actually have seen the film. 

Our story for film production is  Better and better stories, together. It’s about a team, craftsmanship and to continuously improve creativity. This is our small story that drives us.

Business model canvas.png

For the film production, we have a fully populated Business model canvas (but we don’t show the details). We also have business processes for both selling the work to do productions and produce actual films, as well as platforms for producing films.

The other part of the business, film publishing, doesn’t yet have a story,  neither a process for selling and publishing content. Zilch. 

This is the point where we need to find out who to partner with, for what, and when in make our story true for film production. It us also now when we define what no to do. When we know this, it’s much easier to find out how to manage the publishing unit and the production unit. To make it even more complex, these decisions will have a huge impact on supporting IT-systems.

This is why you need to know the greater story and learn the eco-system within. 

Coming next, Key Partners and Customers in an Eco-system.