Two business units and question of shared IT

Our business model for film production is mainly a B2B operation, which means that we manage a limited set of business parties and individuals.

However, if we look at the other part of the business, distribution and publishing of content, via digital platforms, to viewers, we have a clear B2C business, even if the revenue streams are very low today.

Business units (Artmann Media).jpg

We need to make a strategic choice here, to have one platform for all services and customers, or separate them into two, or a mix of them.

As we only have one legal company, finance need to be common for both business units, but we will also have a some shared infrastructure. 

The B2B product categories are about producing film and the B2C products are media to be consumed by viewers and readers. Our B2B customers will sometimes selling media to consumers, and in a way be competitors to our B2C business. So far, we are only publishing content that we ave generated ourself, so in reality not much of a competition.

Processes and IT-systems for our two different business units are very different, both from a sales and production perspective.

Therefore, our strategy is to separate our main IT-solutions for film production and distribution/publishing.