Try your business model

When starting up something new, you need a business model, and you need to try it as fast as possible.

If we look at our startup example, my suggestion is to use Business Model Canvas as way to describe the business model.

We don't know everything, but it's good to know what we are offering to whom, and how we are going to monetize it in the future.

Next two step are to define a high-level solution and develop a minimum viable product. Otherwise, we don't know if we are going to fly.

Customer segments

Individual creative artists, and small companies, around the world within photo, film and music production and prosumers with photo & video as hobbies.

Value proposition

Store, share and find media to be used in media production, between people from different companies and on different locations.



Customer relationship


Revenue streams

  • Free for search and download
  • Monthly fee based on usage or quota for full functionality

Key Resources


Key Activities


Key Partners

  • Cloud provides
  • Software developers for creative applications, e.g. Adobe, Apple etc

Cost structure