How can you take a decision - Architecture corner, episode #16

How much information do you need to take a decision? Are we to afraid of taking decision without being 100% sure? Often you don't need as much as you think.

Listen to Greger Wikstrand and Jesper Kråkhede talking about knowing enough, collection of too much information or using the wrong kind of information for decisions in organisations. The first part is about the urge to have as much documentation as possible when making a decision and second part about asking for wrong type of information when hiring people.

You can follow them on twitter as @GregerWikstrand and @Krakhede

This episode was recorded outside Kärnan fortress in Helsingborg.

1) Stack of paper by Niklas Bildhauer -
2) Blink - The power of thinking without thinking -
3) Mayer Briggs -–Briggs_Type_Indicator

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