Conclusion from working with Enterprise Architecture

Would you like to have a nice meal?

This could be very different depending where in the world you are. Enterprise Architecture is similar. Depending on who you ask and where, you will get different answers.

This is why, when discussing Enterprise Architecture with someone else, I often start to explain my view of what it is, from the other partys perspective, so we have a common understanding of what we both thinks about the subject.

The next thing is understand what problems Enterprise Architecture solves. If we don't have a purpose, it's becoming more of an academic discussion and not so usable in real life. 

If we can agree on these two terms, we have set the correct expectations for a further creative discussion. If we disagree, but respect our different standpoints, then we even have the chance to learn something new and this is a very good thing.

This bring me to the last an most important conclusion based on more than fiftheen years as an Enterprise architect. You can't knew everything and what you learned before may not be true in the future due to a changing world.

There is always more to learn about Enterprise Architecture and the Changing Enterprise.