The changing enterprise

The main reason for Enterprise Architecture is the Changing Enterprise. The environment the Enterprise exists in evolves and puts new demands on the existing organisation. Enterprise Architecture is about mastering changes in a predictable manner.

This series of articles will give an introduction to Enterprise Architecture towards stakeholders inside and outside the organisation. They will cover a number of topics in a straightforward way to give the readers an understanding of the challenges with change.

1. What is Enterprise Architecture
2. The value of architecture
3. How well do we perform?
4. What is good enough?
5. Remember the customer
6. What do we need?
7. EA governance model
8. EA process
9. EA framework
10. EA tools
11. Abstractions levels
12. Iterations
13. Prerequsite for Enterprise Architecture
14. Conclusions

This article was first published at The Content Economy in September 2007.

Only the first two articles in the series were published back then. However, since the I have been working with these issues full time for a huge number of large customers. The scope has been from business strategy to implementation of business and IT-solutiuons with end customer benefits.

My conclusion after six years is that all this is still valid and it is worth to share my thoughts and experiences with you.