Pre-requsite for Enterprise Architecture

The previous written articles about the Changing Enterprise are all about Enterprise Architecture, what it is and how to use it.  

But, the truth is that EA is not a silver bullet that magically will save your organization in difficult times when there is a need to change. Architecture will help you, but there are some prerequisites that need to be in place.

First and foremost, the company culture and the values in the company must support the business vision. Without values and culture that supports changes  will you not be able to change until it's to late.

The organizational structure and the rewarding system have to be aligned with the culture & values and make it possible to adapt to changes. If you have lot's of P&L units and only reward immediate profits, the chances for surviving a disruption is rather low.

Finally, you need to know what business you are in and how it supports your customers. Earning money is not a business that gives value to your customers, only the shareholders. You will earn money if you can give your customers a value, and if you run your business well, your shareholders will benefit.