Sizing for success

To be able to make the right choices for IT-platforms, we need to know future business volumes.

These figures also gives an impact on the decision if we should have manual processes or automated processes, as there will be a cost for bespoke development vs. labour cost & lead times.

Business volumes

Based on what we have done the last years, and guessing what we will do in the near future, these are my average Business volumes to be added each year.

When looking at these figures, bear in mind that we may store information for more than 70 years as most of our productions are under copyright protection.

Business volumes per year.jpg

Business Unit Production

  • 10 - 100 new customers

  • 10 - 100 new suppliers

  • 10 -100 new employeed & contractors

  • 25 - 250 new projects 

  • 100 - 1000 new individuals in projects

  • - 1000 documents per project

  • > 100 TB media files

Business unit Production

  • 100 - 1000 published films

  • > 10.000 paying viewers

  • > 100.000 individual viewers

Making estimates about future business is difficult and therefore, I have set a span for each type of master data on the above list.

We also have financial figures, but we will not share them in public until in our annual report is published.