When no estimates fails


When your teenage daughter* says she want to have her own horse, this could be a very good example of #noestimates.

You as a parent have to ask yourself the question, do you have the money and time to take care of a horse for several years.

So be before saying yes or no to her wish, you need to find out how much a horse really cost, not only from a purchase perspective, but for the lifetime of the horse.

You also need to find out how much time she and you have to spend in the stable, in the yard and at competitions.

Without estimates of the needed resources, you may very fast end up with a situation that is not good for either the horse or your family. 

So if you advocate for #noestimates, please explain how you came to this decision of yes or no to your daughter. No, you can’t compare this to the guy who want a football and a pair of shoes, where #noestimates are OK.

* Horse riding in Sweden is very much female dominated sport, therefore daughter in the example.