How is Jimmy dressed?

Image: Adobe stock photo

Image: Adobe stock photo

Last scene in a manuscript 

Jimmy enters the black taxi from the right side and you could hear som music from his mobile.

The question now is how is Jimmy dressed and what music is playing on his phone?

In order to understand this, we need to look a whats written in the first scene, where we first see him, how his is dressed, and what kind of music he listen to.

The challenge in a feature film is that we have roughly 50 different scenes and they are not filmed in chronologic order. Therefore it’s the script supervisor who is responsible for continuty in and between scenes, and the large part of the job is done in pre-production before actual filming starts. 

We do a quick jump to an agile software development project with fifty different user stories. 

Who is then responsible for assure continuity of UX and functionality between the different user stories and teams? Next question is how they will do this?

If you can’t answer the question, your next software project may meet the fate of the film Plan 9 from outer space.