The naked architect

I’m not thinking of Jamie Oliver and the naked chef, but instead H.C. Andersens classic story.

Today, lots of people in the industry put up the title Architect on their business card or profile. The problem with this approach from some architects, is my opinon threefold.

  1. They can’t define what they mean with Architecture and the benefits with it.

  2. They don’t have a described method of how to do Architecture, instead it is ad-hoc work and random activities.

  3. They only know architecture theory, but not how to apply it in the in the real world by using prior art and examples.

So when recruiting or hiring an Enterprise Architect, make sure his not naked, but have the right outfit for the job. 

If you are an Enterprise architect you should be able to:

  • Define what architecture is for you and the benefits you get from it

  • Describe the method you to make architecture work, according to above description of architecture and benefits

  • Be able to show how to apply this in real world examples

The below image is from an interview for a client in Sweden where I showed how to make a high level enterprise architecture (organisation, process, information, IT) in their type of business in 45 minutes.