Expect to fail

Sometimes, fail is not an option, but for some challenges, you have to expect failures.

During this fall, I begun to take lessons to ride a horse. I know I will fail several times and be thrown out of the saddle. This is what you can expect when you decide to do something new and difficult.

What you can do as a rider, is to wear a riding helmet, a protective west and safety stirrups, to minimize the damages when, not if, you fall to the ground.

Horse riding is neither a low budget endeavor, watch Like buying a horse, so cost of damages to the horse should also be taken into account.

We could apply the same thoughts to learning new skills in a organization. You can't learn horse riding or other complex skills where you interact with others by watching YouTube. You have to practice in real life, and accept failures along the way. You just have to take care so the damages are limited.

This applies to people in the organization learning new skills, the organization it self to work in new ways and last, for new products and services to the market.

It’s lots of hard work, you will sometimes fail, but the reward is huge.