Why change way of life?

Did you fulfil your New Years promise to start a healthier life in January?

Change is hard on an individual level and even harder within an organisation. You must have a clear driver of why doing the change, but also why doing it now and not later.

Every movie is about change. Something happens and the lead characters life are changed forever. Without this critical moment, there will be no movie. Think of Spiderman without Peter Parker bitten by a spider. No signification changes to his life and thus no story.  

When proposing a larger change in an organisation, there is always resistance, but also prioritisation due to limited resources. If you can’t motivate why doing a change now, you will have to struggle for a long time until you get your funding.

Take technical debts as a prime example of doing later syndrome.  Why should I start upgrading my old systems to a new version now, instead of waiting until next year? Why should I start training at a gym this month? I could start in the spring instead.

If you want to get funding for your next project, you should explain why start now and not later. The larger project and budget, the more important it is to explain why the timing is so crucial.

When you viewing the next feature movie, watch for the moment that initiates the change in the beginning.