Did I choose the right woman/man?

You meet two lovely ladies/man and get in love with both and the feelings are mutual. How can you choose one of them, and not be thinking if you made the right decision?

With several options for software development, you can get in the same situation. Woody Zuill gave the  advice for software development to be agile and trying both options at the same time. An recent example is where Apple had two competing operating systems for the first iPhone, and in the end the OS/X based option won.

I see the benefit, with this approach, but I would also like know if there are any showstoppers with either solution that we can identify quickly.

So a possible recommendation, is to identify eventual showstoppers, before starting two concurrent agile projects and after a few important sprints do we have a better understanding of which solution to select. At some point we have to make our selection.

If you wonder, did I make the right choice much further down the road, you didn't.