What's your plan B?

I have a seven year old car and we drive 30 000 km per year. We follow the service instructions, change parts when needed and we will even get a free software update to our engine from the manufacturer.

Normally, it’s a very reliable car, but we got a plan B if something would break down. Just call motor assistance wherever you are, and they will send a truck within an hour, who take the car to the nearest service centre and we get a free rental car for a few days.

Today, we had to make that call. Something went wrong with steering, breaks or suspension and we were recommended not to drive further.

But for at number of companies, there are no plan B’s when talking about IT. More than often, they use outdated software, without software updates, no security patches, no maintenance contracts, old unreliable hardware and no disaster recover plans.

And when they updated, they make updates to older versions of software, (Corporate Inertia by Greger Wikstrand). 

Their mission critical IT-systems appears to be less important than my car.