What is innovation for you?

As we see from the examples in music, photography and telephony, different types of innovation is often linked together and they all depends on business models and business model innovation. This is why innovation is such a complex issue and there are no easy ways for success. 

Regardless if we talk about innovation for existing products, new products or new ways of working, inventions in technology is one of the drivers.

Internet of Things, Cloud, Autonomous devices, Wearables, Big Data etc, are all enablers for innovation in the organisations. The challenge is to find out the benefit our clients customers will have from these technology enablers.

Secondly, both new regulations and deregulation in markets give possibilities for new innovations as described in telephony but this is also relevant for new entrants as Über and Airbnb.

The third driver for innovation is talent. Without creative people in the organisation or networks, the level of innovation is very low.

So what is innovation for you and what are the pillars for innovation in your organisation?

"just try to think creatively"