Does a start-up need Enterprise Architecture?

Yes, but .....

Illustration: Benutzer Rateitzak

Illustration: Benutzer Rateitzak

I'm very doubtful if a traditional EA approach would work for a technology oriented startup if we look at their time line and how the market for where they want to sell their products evolves.

I did an Enterprise Architecture for a large start-up in Telecom, Media & Entertainment in year 2000 and it took 6 months for a pre-study. I don't see this working today as the world spins faster today than fifth-teen years ago.

My suggestion would be to use a framework like Technovision 2015 or other similar frameworks as guiding principles. Start with what is needed for a minimum viable product and supports the long term view. Very light-weight architecture combined with agile configuration. We could take a small assignment from PostNord as example, where we spent 14 working days to get up and running offering a new product.

IT is not the issue for a startup. It's about finding out what customers are willing to pay for. Building profitable services for consumers and business is a challenge, not manage IT-Systems.

... there is a much greater need for experienced Enterprise Architects than EA methods.

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