Some guys are late to the party.



Today I had two exemples when the IT-guys are late to the party. 

When I were shopping at Heathrow airport, I found out that the cashier systems were running XP- Professional screen-savers. End-of-life with no security uppdates whatsoever. Not professional.

During the morning I got this mail:

We have analyzed that issues are faced mainly by users using Apple devices with software greater than 7.0.4 iOS. You will be notified when the problem is solved. If you are using older version of iOS (i.e. below iOS version 7.0.4) or any other phones, request you to please log a call with service desk.

Hi guys, nearly everybody who is using an iOS device in western Europe are running iOS7 or later. According to Apple, 52% using iOS9 and 41% using iOS8. Remaining are on iOS7 or older. This is one week after they releaesed the latest version.

Two examples when the guys haven't found out that the party is somewhere else.