Few days with content blockers in iOS9

I've been using the web for more than twenty years, and have never used ad-blockers before.  But with the massive amount of non-relevant ads on those news pages I usally read made fed up. My wife, non-techie, have been complaining the last year of slow Internet, even with 100 Mbs fibre at home.

This is the reason for installing a content blocker after upgrading my iPad Air to iOS9. As a user of both Instapaper and Overcast, I went for Marco's content blocker in the app-store. Installed and turned it on.  

The result, every site on the web that I read is now much faster and responsive than before. So far, just one Swedish media site went totally blank, and I sent a note to the developer about the behaviour.

Never going back, to the days before when all pages where cluttered with ads.