Two common problems for designers and developers as of today

Designers and developers have two common problems today.

The business requirements are not yet ready, in order to be able to deliver a solution in time to the business.

Business requirements changes over time, so the detailed requirements stated in the beginning of a program is not valid any more due to changes to the market

We can wait for the business to be ready with the detailed requirements, but the result is that the delivery of the solution will be heavily delayed. This is a classic waterfall approach and it doesn’t either solve the other problem. When you need to be able to change due to new business requirements.

So as a designer and developer, you need to be able to start without knowing everything and be prepared to change your course during the voyage.

This is why recommend these five rules for lager development initiatives.

  • How much information is needed, when, and for which purpose?
  • Use industry frameworks to speed up definition and design phases
  • Don’t invent the wheel
  • Find more or less obvious requirements as a start of the analysis 
  • Make sure that you make your solution flexible enough

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