Can information about you be sold without your consent?

Joakim Lindbom (Enterprise Architect from Capgemini) and Casimir Artmann (Enterprise Architect from Sogeti) start talking around the recent story from RadioShack in episode #7 of Architecture Corner. The discussion continues with loyalty programs & marketing tactics and what is acceptable by the customer.

We also touch the subject of IoT, wearables, health data, the challenges how to limit sharing of very personal information. 

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1) Despite privacy policy, RadioShack customer data upp for sale in auction 

2) Hemlig kod spionerar på svenskars surfvanor 

3) Friend That Machine! 

4) Reinventing loyalty programs

5) Creepy loyalty marketing tactics customers hates  

6) EULA - End User Licence Agreement 

7) If you’re not are paying for it you become the customer 

8) Image from Minority Report 

9) Can we find a balance between security and convenience   

10) How to protect yourself when using a free Wi-Fi network 

11) Security in the internet of things - 

12) Jericho Security / Open Group CyberSecurity  

13) Ericsson – fil får id-kort

14) Information wants to be free – Steward Brand, Whole Earth Review, May 1985 

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