I need a bigger hammer

To ask for a bigger hammer to nail a screw, is like asking for a better EA tool without knowning what you would like to achieve.

I have to admit that Enterprise Architecture is a complex thing. There are lots of different things to keep track of and they need to be maintained over time. This is why we need a repository to handled this information that is more advanced than a pile of paper.

But we also need to work with our information in different ways, often combining different aspects on the fly to make evaluations. This is more like business intelligens.

We need tools that makes it easy to collaborate and to communicate our work. This is more like film production of large movies and doing commercials.

So my list of requirements on the set of EA tools are as follows: 

  • The complete set of tools must support the whole architecture process, i.e. Initial Phase to Architecture Change Management and Requirements Management in TOGAF ADM model.
  • It must support all needed artefacts and their relations as defined the in the meta-model from IAF, Archimate or other frameworks.
  • It should be able to create and maintain basic architecture views for both as-is and to-be states.
  • No tool can solve all problems, so the tool must be simple to import and export all artefacts, their relations and basic views. 
  • Times are a changing. We need a support for life cycle management of all artefacts, relations and basic views, otherwise will our work be obsolete. 
  • Several people must be able to work with the content at the same time. Architecture is not a one man show. 
  • The tool must be so simple to use that all involved people in the project can use it. If it's to complicated to learn will the people in the project not use it. 
  • The cost for the tool must be low enough so all involved people in the project can use it. If the cost is to high, then you will not get approval for all the needed licenses.

And I'm still searching for the perfect tool-set.