Let your transformation program be a Hollywood blockbuster

First of all, write a log-line that describes the story in one or two sentences. This is the elevator-pitch use to attract the audience for your program. Then find a good title for your program.

All good movies have an faboulus opening scene to set the location and mood of the film. Your need this to capture the interest of your audience. The opening scene is also often a good spot to present the hero and his/her side-kick. Think of films with James Bond or movies by Quentin Tarantino. 

In Hollywood, there is always a happy ending in the end, regardless of how misery it has been through the whole film. When starting a transformation program, you should always know what this happy ending looks like. This is what stakeholders pay you for!

The first important part is to describe todays situation and the perils of the situation. All key actors have to be introduced and the moment that ignates the change. Something exeptional must happend in order to have the change to take place. Otherwise it would had happend long before. Does it sound logical? Why should we change our IT-systems now, way can't wait until next year? Because of ...., you got it.

There have to be a bad guy in your story. Always. At least one, but a gang is better. Either external or internal to your organisation. Think about risks to you projects. think about an enemy that forces your hero to act. Without a bad guy, there is no reason for change, and this no story and no change.

Most of you folks have all been in large transformation programs. Something happened during the project that makes everybody think that it would fail. Then, by doing something unusual, but not totally impossible, the program is on track again. I.e. prepare for a plan B already when you start your project. It's much harder to do when you are in the midde of your own movie.

This is some of the basis for story-writing . If you would like to know more, read Save the Cat by Blake Snyder for more tips of how to write a blockbuster movie.

Let the story begin.

Cash is king

Juri, an extraordinary hacker and master criminal mind from former Soviet Union is preparing to take over all ATM machines round over the world by 1st April. Michael, british security-expert at an global bank, is the only person who could save our bills.

* Creative Commons License photo credit: French Disko

* Creative Commons License photo credit: French Disko

The opening scene is a cloudy day in September and Michael tries to withdraw some money from an ATM at Schiphol Airport. The machine it's not working properly and he doesn't get any cash. There is a final call for his flight back to Heathrow and he runs to the gate.

The end scene is a bright day in early spring and Michael walks in, together with this new girlfriend, to a jewelry story. He pays with his credit card and they leave the store hand in hand.

What happens in-between is up to you to tell. It's your story.