What is an acceptabel level of quality?

When writing software, the question sometimes arise, ”What’s good enough code” and how you can define code quality.

For a non software developer, these levels may not that easy to understand, so therefore I would like to make a more visual description of acceptable quality, using film as an example.

Custom software development blues

There are two main challenges with customer software development, compared to using package based software.

The first one is how to be ready in time, on budget and with the fulfilment of requirements. This is especially true when you develop a system that would replace something existing. 

The other is more long term and how to build a bespoke solution that could be maintained over the years. If it’s a bigger investment and core business, you will need to develop a solution that there for many years.

On the other and, package based solution with to much customer based code inside is also very cumbersome to maintain, so as a decision maker you are between a rock and a hard place.

Will GDPR hit your small business?

I'm an employed consultant, bu I also have a side business in Sweden were I'm a sole owner of a film production company. This is the reason why I have to solve how to handle GPPR for myself, and not only for larger clients.

What I found out recently is that the knowledge about GDPR in smaller companies is more or less non-existent, and some of the industry associations are neither so well informed of the consequences of the new legislation.